Stay on the Bus — 7 Comments

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  3. We would like to request permission to reprint this article in our Quilting Guild is so refreshing to hear this advice and it would be so encouraging to those quilters who wish to find their own voice. Please email at if we have your permission to do this. Thanking you in advance. Leslie Forbes

  4. Thanks you for posting this. Last night I went to a solo installation art show with a 13 minute video that included a view into two of the artist’s previous performance pieces. The show was good. The video was good. Neither were necessarily outstanding but the experience made me question my own approaches to installation. This article was exactly what I needed to read this morning. In fact, it seemed quite personal. I’ve been to Helsinki. I’ve ridden the buses. Thanks again! Susan

  5. Revision…. applies to writing as well. Stay on the bus and rework things until you start to see or hear or enjoy a difference. Such a great metaphor.