I love Batik! — 3 Comments

  1. I ADORE Batiks and, like the two people who commented before me, I was horrified at the working conditions–squatting, reaching, working with splashing hot water, hands in the bleach without gloves. I know that the men want to earn a living supporting their families but it seems that some minimal changes could be made that would benefit them–tables to lay the fabric on rather than stooping to the ground, gloves to protect hands from bleach. Of course I am concerned that machines would mean loss of jobs but some of the body injury conditions are thoughtless and unnecessary. I’d feel better buying batiks if I knew these conditions were changing in Indonesia.

  2. I too have concerns re the unhealthy environment.I also have concerns about the repetitive injuries that the stampers must end up with after a period.
    This is not the first time I have seen a video on batik making and the process is the same in all the factories.Wages are low, working conditions are abysmal – and suppliers are very happy to take advantage of this??
    Obviously,it’s ok as long as it isn’t in my back yard.

  3. I love batik, too. And after viewing the video I am even more impressed than before by this beautiful fabric.
    Some questions, though: workers seem to work in a very unhealthy environment, why don’t they wear gloves and generally some protection against all those chemicals used in the process? This is rethoric question, though being aware of the working conditions in some of these countries. No women included – this time an asset!