European Quilt Triennale — 11 Comments

  1. The next European Quilt Triennale will be in 2018/2019. So the call for entries will not be published by the organizers until beginning of 2018.

  2. when do you inform the rules for the next quilt exhibition? thanks. yochi

  3. thank you Gabi so muuuch! I feel that you are working hard for me!yochi

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  5. Thank you Hedy!
    I just checked the pictures one again and all the quilts are in the right position.

  6. Yes, delightful!
    ( p.s. seems like one of the photos was in wrong position, needs rotating)?
    Thank you for showing such lovely, intricate work.

  7. Gracias por darme otra visión de tan maravillosa experiencia… felicidades