About SAQA — 1 Comment

  1. I am a member and SAQA has helped me tremendously. I hope you become active with your Region and meet other like-minded artists. SAQA is a big tent and I have never seen anyone snark that some other member is not “worthy” to be in SAQA. Once you join, there is this sense of comaraderie–many describe it as finding their “peeps”, people that understand them.

    There are so many resources-spend time on the website: the Yahoo group, an online critique group, many online seminars, information on creating, exhibiting, the jurying process, etc. Traveling? Post on the Yahoo group and it’s likely that you could meet up with a SAQA member there, someone you’ve never met! Even better, go to Conference, an amazing experience. It’s in San Antonio next year-a great town! Write me if you have any questions. I love SAQA-can you tell?